I Fell So Deep Into You


Stripes Ahoy! From the high seas to the haute summer streets, fashionistas have been lining up for this classic nautical look ever since French fashion pioneer Coco Chanel famously incorporated it into her personal resort style.   Embraced and carried through the seasons by generations of designers from Jean Paul Gaultier to Marc Jacobs to The Row, stripes stretch beyond trend.   Add a dash of DIY by re-purposing a retired T to create the perfect summer pouch with a pop of color, and show us why your motto is stripes and stripes forever!

To create, grab a striped tee, turn inside out and wrap rubber bands tightly around each sleeve.  Cinch the waist, and wrap two bands around tightly for extra support.  Keep in mind, the further down you gather and wrap, the larger your bag will be.  Snip a 1/2” inch below each rubber band and flip fabric right side out.  Find a long zipper  in a fun contrasting color and secure to the opposite sides of the neck by stitching.  P.S.- Reinforce stitches by sewing with thread doubled.

I know I’ve been bad!I haven’t been updating as much. I’m so sorry. I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I want to make a new blog with a new blogging platform. It’s a bit tricky making the blog I want with Tumblr, but I feel that Tumblr makes it easier to connect with your followers. I’m a little torn in my decision. 

A DIY round-up of DIYs that I love:

3 Ways to Craft Doilies

Make your own iPhone case

Homemade Body Shimmer

Hopefully by the summer I will have made my decision on whether or not I should change platforms. But for now, I’ll be here! :)


5 things i love this week

These Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn. I’ve never seen these before. It would be such a cute idea for a sleep over with some close friends. 

Pin-up photos are my favorite. I love the pop of colors used and the vintage vibe it gives off. Plus, I love any fashion that is vintage. Here’s a pin-up photo by negib I came across that has a modern feel to it, also.

I found this awesome DIY using a terrarium that I want to try sometime in the future. Maybe for my future home (or apartment).

Another DIY I fell in love with is Kinsey’s ‘Make your own bow tie belt’.

Last, but not least, these scrumptious Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars. I can’t wait to give ‘em a try. Maybe for my Mama M’s upcoming birthday.


P is for Personality, which is precisely what printed jeans ooze of.  Glide your way into this mainstream must-have with this denim DO!  Get inspired by Balmain’s coveted graphic jean with a snakeskin twist.  Bulgari’s Serpenti Collection of chic bracelets, bags, wallets and watches has slithered into our hearts, helping our style shine bright.  Infuse a luxe snakeskin-esque pattern with a pop of print… it’s  just what the DIY doctor ordered.

To create:  use a solid colored pair of jeans for the base.  Use scissors to cut zig zag shapes out of kitchen sponges and textured sponge cloths into 2” inch strips.  Apply an even coat of fabric paint onto the sponge surface and press directly onto the denim starting from the outside edge.  Hold sponge for a few seconds allowing paint to absorb into the material.  Continue to create vertical patterns down the legs.  For a more textured effect, overlap sponges as you go. Let one side dry completely before turning over to repeat the process on the back.

How to: Coffee Can Cover

The idea sort of just popped into my head. A couple of days I ago, I suggested to my mom that we should save up money to go to France, because we haven’t traveled since 2009. Of course, I knew my mother wouldn’t be so up to it, considering her circumstance, but I’m determined.

I saw she was throwing away a coffee can we regularly use and I thought I should put it into better use.

I ripped off the “Cafe Bustelo” cover and made my own.

What you’ll need:

  • A can (stripped)
  • A shopping bag
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measurer
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler (not shown)

First, you’re going to open the bottom part of your shopping bag.

Then you’re going to cut one side of the bag, so it’s completely opened.

Measure the height and width of the can.

Mark your measurements on the shopping bag. Use a ruler to outline what you have to cut.

Cut out the outline and tape it to your can.

My measurements were a bit off, so I cut an extra strip from the bag, wrote “Je T’aime” on it a couple of times, and taped it to the top. 

The final product:




5 things i love this week

I want to try a weekly thing, where I post 5 things that have inspired me or intrigued me during the week. 

Let’s start!

  1. The Horizontal Shower. What a magnificent invention. It’s like a shower and a full body massage put into one
  2. This amazing pocket watch from MStevensonDesigns. There are so many awesome pocket watches. But this one caught my eye. Kind of reminds me of “The Raven” by Poe.
  3. Rings made out of tail ends of utensils (click here for tutorial)
  4. Some runway lovin’. I love the colors used. I’m not huge on pink, but this shade is quite lovely, especially with a touch of gold. (photo found here
  5. How adorable is this traveling journal


DIY Stencil Pillow | Wit & Whistle

We all have little phrases and quotes that help us through the day - for me it’s the quote ‘Do the thing you think you cannot do’ by Eleanor Roosevelt. At the moment it’s stuck to my door with a little piece of paper, but I would love to have it on a canvas or pillow like this. There’s so many different songs and styles you could do too - great for a kids room with nursery rhymes or a gift to a friend with a quote that means something to the both of you!

(via reneetheblogger)